File This Under, I Was SO Wrong

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

I got a sample of this a while ago and after I received it I still had no idea what it was suppose to do. I looked it up on and it claimed the following: “This lightweight, quick-absorbing oil features a luxurious blend of six oils and two extracts that soften, tame flyaways, and add shine immediately and over time. Hair looks and feels healthy, smooth, silky, and conditioned.” 

I immediately was like that is such BS and threw it in the depths of my bathroom.  Then, several months later, after noticing I needed a haircut (badly) and had no time (or Money, this is NYC people), I slathered 2-3 pumps onto soaking wet hair while in the shower, and then did nothing to my hair except let it air dry, as per usual.

I was wrong about this mysterious oil, so wrong. When my hair dried after my subway ride to work, my hair was left INSANELY soft and touchable. Touchable in ways that hair commercials form the late 90s tried to make you feel, but ultimately left you feeling sad that your hair didn’t feel like a baby unicorn’s magical mane. This friends, does just that. I immediately texted my friend Rachael who is also beauty obsessed and told her that she needed to pick this up ASAP. A day later she texted me back that she too had magical unicorn hair. I dare you to try this and then attempt not playing with your hair for hours. Warning, if you are prone to twirling your hair on the regs, you might want to stay away, it is going to make that much worse.

Purchase HERE

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