Fat & The Moon


What prompts me to pick up random, untested, unreviewed beauty products from Etsy always comes down to cool packaging. Fat & The Moon is one of those companies, their logo and design really caught my eye and I knew I just had to try some of their products.

I was really excited to get my package from Fat & The Moon. I had no idea what to expect, which I love and obviously made me more excited. I was ultimately won over by both products, the All Salve and Aloe Lotion. The All Salve has no noticeable scent and a non gloopy consistency. I’ve been using it as a lip balm since I got it and my lips feel great, never depleted or dried out. It leaves a subtle shine which translates into healthy low maintenance lips. I mentioned earlier this week that strange thing on my face, well I slathered the All Salve on it, and it really amped up the healing and made it hurt much less. I love the dreamy first aid quality of the All Salve– its very stripped down, apothecary, handmade which makes me think that there is some magic good vibes in it that makes it work so well and that is something I can really get into. The Aloe Lotion though is truly a standout. Its amazing. Still suffering from very dry winter hands, I’ve been slatering this unscented lotion on every chance I can get. The best part about this lotion is that it sinks in immediately and deeply for some serious moisturization. I have happy hands. I’ve been going through tubes of hand cream and this one just has them all beat, it really is amazing feeling.  Also both products have that super cute packaging I just adore.

Even though the products were amazing, I wanted to know more about the brand. So I reached out to Rachel, the lovely woman behind Fat and the Moon and she had so much to say about how she got started, ingredients, the process and her favorite products!

One Product: How did Fat and the Moon get started?

Rachel: Fat and the Moon started as a project that combined herbalism, a love for making and a desire to create healthy alternatives to the toxic products I was using everyday. I am an artist, and I’ve always felt my art projects never stopped at the doors of the studio. Fat and the Moon feels like an ever evolving art project! I learn so much about my herbs, oils and wax as I work with the properties of each ingredient everyday, and new compositions emerge out of prior recipes. It’s like making a painting!

One Product: How is Fat and the Moon different?

Rachel: I think about my products like I think about my food- the ingredients must be high quality and there has to be love and consideration in the making. Living on an organic farm, we see the plant and the earth and the people and animals as parts of one organism, we are all a part of the food we grow and eat. At the farm, we care deeply about how the plants are taken care of because we care deeply about the health and well being of the humans who eat our food. Fat and the Moon is a part of that life way and philosophy. We should all think about what we put on the outside of our bodies as much as we think about what we put in them.

One Product: What is the best part of creating these products?
Rachel: The best part is that the potions I make fulfill the needs of others. I make the Fat and the Moon line directly from my needs and the needs of my friends and family. I want a little color for my cheeks, so I made the Lip & Cheek Stain. I was dissatisfied by what was offered to me, and how it was offered as far as ‘feminine products’ go, so I made the Yoni Duster and held a workshop on Yoni care. My family member had some foot fungus…you get the picture.
One Product: What are your favorite products from Fat and the Moon?
Rachel: It’s hard to pick favorites among the products because they have all helped me during different times. The products I use everyday are the All Cream, the Deodorant Cream and the Lip & Cheek Stain, they are like old friends! As Fat and the Moon grows, I’m more and more excited about the projects and products coming down the hatch. My goal is to do more education, more collaborations and release a bunch more products at the beginning of summer!
Thanks, Rachel! xoxoxo

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