Product Truth


Product Truth: Why Green Products?

When I was on the fence about switching to greener beauty products, I decided that I would count how many products I use because there is this ‘stat’ that is used frequently to encourage women to think more critically about what they put on their bodies, and this fact got me thinking.  Continue reading

Resolution #2: Eat better

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You are what you eat, and I’ve been noticing that I have been eating quite poorly lately and my hair etc., have been quite lackluster. In a wholly beauty related way (better health an incidental benefit). Continue reading

Shiny Happy People or at least shiny hair

Phylia de M Three Step Kit


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Your hair tells you a lot about your health. If your stressed, malnourished, tired etc. your hair will show it. You can’t hide the fact that you eat nothing but popcorn, arugala and Diet Coke from your friends when you hair looks like straw and is falling out. Continue reading