Shiny Happy People or at least shiny hair

Phylia de M Three Step Kit


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Your hair tells you a lot about your health. If your stressed, malnourished, tired etc. your hair will show it. You can’t hide the fact that you eat nothing but popcorn, arugala and Diet Coke from your friends when you hair looks like straw and is falling out.

I needed help, my aforementioned diet over the summer did a number to my hair and skin. I was searching for something to bring my hair not only visibly back to heath but actually back to health.

Phylia de M  promises to “heal and improve every hair type, bringing you back to complete hair health. Phylia de M. was developed specifically for nurturing recovery from a variety of hair and scalp conditions. Whether you’re suffering from excess hair loss, slow growth, thinning, limp or lifeless hair, salon stress – or the dreaded shrinking ponytail.”   Using the the “wisdom of Japanese nature philosophy,” Phylia de M combines “ancient Aztec and Mayan herbal remedies with modern science, creating innovative hair care that encourages your body’s own inherent ability to renew cells and restore keratin.”

I initially bought the travel kit which is much less expensive then the kit referenced above, it runs about $45.There are directions with this system. You are suppose to leave the cleanser on your scalp for a while and then use the conditioner and leave in treatment as you normally would. Apparently, you are also suppose to use this for five months to see results. While I do leave the cleanser on for a few minutes in the shower, I by no means use this religiously. This stuff is expensive, and I like to mix it up. So while I cannot attest to its powers to thicken my hair, what I do know is that this stuff makes my hair look amazing. And it smells like neroli which is a favorite. The standout is the conditioner which instantly restores hair to something awesome, and can be used as a leave in.

The scent alone is reason to use it, because the scent stays on your hair all day enveloping you with the mysterious-ness of neroli. It also leaves my hair super super soft and generally pretty marvelous. While this stuff is SUPER expensive. I like to have at least one bottle of the good stuff of both conditioner and shampoo in my rotation and then slum it the rest of the time, and Phylia de M is pretty much the best stuff. But I hate forking over $130 bucks for this stuff, I really do. Nevertheless, I have repurchased it full size so that is saying a lot.

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5 thoughts on “Shiny Happy People or at least shiny hair

  1. I’m always open to healthier concoctions to cleanse my body and hair; when this blogging/writing things takes off for me, I will invest in this then, because it’s a little too pricey at the moment!

  2. Sounds amazing!

    Very tempted….but it is really pricey, though….

    Is it suitable for all hair types? I have very fine hair, oilier scalp and drier roots…
    Also, do you know the ingredient list?

  3. Hey Clara,

    It is really pricey. I could not believe it when I got the full size, I totally thought I was crazy. I do though think that this set is better in the summer. My hair is also fine and gets pretty greasy throughout the day so I have to wash my hair everyday. I hope that helps with hair type.

    Below are the ingredients:

    Clean: water, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, disodium lauramido mea sulfosuccinate, fulvic acide, cocamide proplybetaine, cocomide dea, cocomidoproply, PEG 150 disterate, extract espanosila, lavender essence, panthenol, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed soy protein, citrus auratium amara flower oil, phenoxyethanol.

    Clean is the worst offender ingredient wise.

    Condition: water, quartamin 60, silicon 929, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, sterac alcohol, wheat protein, pala wax, urtica essence, aloe essence, fulvic acid, rosemary oil, lanolin, lanolin alcohol, chamomile essence, phenoxyethanol.

    Ugh, so many bad ones.

    Connect: water, ethyl alcohol, also essence, hydrogenate triterpene mixture, fulvic acid, phenoxyethanol.

    Whew, some really bad ingredients in there. I am reclassifying this as a Toxic Tuesday Post!

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!


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