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Product Truth: Why Green Products?

When I was on the fence about switching to greener beauty products, I decided that I would count how many products I use because there is this ‘stat’ that is used frequently to encourage women to think more critically about what they put on their bodies, and this fact got me thinking. 

Here’s the ‘stat’: women use on average twelve products a day and as a result of this product use women expose themselves to “515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.” * Moreover, from this exposure women absorb up to ”five pounds of damaging chemicals a year!“**

Hello, are you paying attention yet?

I knew I used more, but how much more? I needed to know, because that would obviously up the ante with how many chemicals I was exposing myself to. Just prior to starting this blog I counted how many products I use both daily and weekly and the total is scary, thirty eight products. While I certainly do not use them all everyday, I do cycle through most of them weekly. With the realization that I was using thirty eight products a week, I became quite concerned about how much of these ingredients were accumulating in my body.

I had been aware of some educational campaigns from Environmental Working Group and Beauty Truth for a long time, but had been hesitant to give up all of my products, because they ‘worked’ with my sensitive skin and well, I looked good. Why rock the boat? Am I right?

This changed when I learned that “the US FDA bans [nine] ingredients from cosmetics –[while] the EU has banned over 1,000 due to health concerns.” *** Seriously, just nine. I was rather frightened to say the least. It was then, sitting in full view of the dozens of potentially toxic beauty products which I own, that I knew the green beauty movement was not just marketing efforts so much as it was a call to change the way we approach beauty. I was convinced I needed to change it up for real this time.

The aim of One Product at a Time, is to share beauty products that actually work and deliver results, as a switch my beauty routine from not so green to much greener.

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Below are some great resources to fuel your motivation to go green in your beauty routine.

Lead in Lipsticks, THE LIST from the F.D.A., seriously, the F.D. A.

Cosmetic Safety ‘Virtually Unregulated’ by Federal Law

How Safe Are Your Cosmetics?

Beauty Truth 

Infertile Ground

The EU Has Banned Over 1,000 Chemicals; The FDA Has Only Banned 9

****Above image from the great film A Few Good Men by Columbia Pictures, and if you haven’t seen it, you really really should. The Image is sourced from HERE randomly via a google image search, I have no idea what the Guildford Dragon is, really, no idea.

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