Lipstick Challenge Day 25: The French do it Better


Homeoplasmine, $24.99

This stuff is amazing. On the lips its pure matte, velvet moisture love (if thats a thing), but in a pinch the other day I slathered this on my hands for some quick relief from the dry, cracking hands that winter has decided to bestow. I know I mention a lot of hand cream on the blog, but what I don’t mention is that as the temperature dips even more, I need more moisture, I need more help, my hands are getting out of control. Peeling cuticles, cracking knuckles, dry patches you name it my hands have it- and its not pretty.  Continue reading

Let’s pretend its 1998


Shea Body Butter, on sale $9.50

For whatever reason, The Body Shop, reminds me of 1998- early suburban malls, Contempo Casuals, United Colors of Benetton- that 1998. Last month I was in Boston to quit smoking with the Mad Russian, and was killing time waiting for my friend to get out of her quit smoking class, when I stumbled upon a brick and mortar Body Shop. I had run out of hand lotion, and it seemed like an opportunity to visit an old friend. Continue reading

Wax on.

Waxelene the Petroleum Jelly Alternative


More Info HERE

I was on the quest for my cousin Ben, to find him something to soothe his hands (he works outside and inside and just generally puts them through the ringer).

I came across this little jem one late night at Whole Foods.

Its pretty balm. Continue reading

In plain sight

Malin+Goetz vitamin E Face Moisturizer


More info HERE

I’ve been treating my skin, inside and out pretty bad recently. Eating dairy, some gluten and a TON of diet Coke. I blame travel and working from home, but nevertheless its taken its toll on my skin. Its super dry and oily at the same time, uber combination skin.

I have been using my same moisturizer as the temperature dips that I used in summer, but it almost seems like its making my skin more oily and leaving a film on my face. I’ve been noticing that my skin gets shiner and that my makeup seems to be sliding off my face.

Enter Malin + Goetz, a brand whose packaging always caught my eye, but a brand that I knew not enough about of to warrant taking a closer look. In fact, I was thrown by the packaging, how could something so pretty actually deliver results. That was until one of my favorite makeup artists for Laura Mercier, recommended the line I had seen so many times, urging me that this would be super gentle and bring my skin back to normal.

I’ve had the generously sized samples sitting around for a while, but they just sat in my sample drawer.  I try so many products for the blog, that sometimes my skin gets super reactive and ‘burny.’ Desperate for relief  I reached for the these little guys and went for it.

Not expecting much, this moisturizer  instantly absorbed into my skin, which must have been super super dry. The fine lines I had been experiencing were greatly reduced, and in my very unscientific opinion something happened to my enlarged pores in a good way. They seemed to me at least, before I used the lotion, because my skin was super dry, very exacerbated and obvious, but with this moisturizer they really seemed to be minimized.

Overall, I was quite surprised by my experience with this face lotion, I really loved it. My face felt smoother, the burn I was experiencing was greatly reduced, and my face looked better. In my own head I look more rested and just generally hydrated. I just bought a new moisturizer for day, but I am and have been trying to rationalize a reason to purchase this full size. I really am obsessed, I can’t stop thinking about how great my face feels. Maybe when I finish my summer moisturizer I will restock with this, or at least I’ll wait until the temperature dips and I really need it.

Have you tried any other Malin + Goetz products, I would love to know what you think!

*Above image used without permission from HERE

It might as well be winter, dry skin hits early, and other tales.

Weleda Calendula Line

$12.50 to $16.50

More info HERE

One of my favorite sources for products is the aisle in the drug store devoted to babies. Not only because these products are generally cheaper but because they are typically more gentle, super moisturizing and have the cleanest scents.

Enter Weleda baby products.

This line is amazing and has the most relaxing, calming, soft scent ever. I use the Calendula Oil, Calendula Diaper Care and Calendula Shampoo/Body Wash. Each product has that irresistible light scent and all of them soften really well without leaving a residue behind.

The Oil, is amazing. I don’t really use body lotion because its really just an extra step that I am not willing to do, especially not in the winter because my bathroom is SO cold. Enter oils. I slather these on at the end of my shower, and I don’t have to moisturize when I get out. The soft, clean scent lingers, but does not compete with whatever perfume I am wearing that day. I have only used this oil during the warmer months, so I can’t vouch for its its moisturizing properties during the winter, but during the summer at least, I was never left greasy or sticky, just perfectly moisturized.

The stand out of this bunch though is the Diaper Care. OMG. This is the most perfect hand cream ever. Whenever I complain about my cuticles being ragged or dry, it is because I am not using this.  Diaper Care, is super thick, almost like frosting. While it does not sink in immediately, the greasy hands aspect goes away quicker than most other really thick hand creams.  Diaper Care also has that scent I can’t get enough of, making this the most perfect hand cream for colder weather.

If having Diaper Care in your bag is not something you can get down with, then you can do what I do and put it into a travel jar. I like the travel jars from Whole Foods, they sell them in the Beauty section. They are a dark indigo blue and super sleek. I use these for everything, from face cleanser to toner, which I put in their blue mini spray bottles. Not only do you not have to carry around the Diaper Care tube, but the jar is much smaller than the tube and it is way more user friendly.

The Shampoo/Body Wash is also super moisturizing. But its really not a product that stands out as a body wash. The best part is that its great for travel when you want to carry less stuff, because the Body Wash is also a Shampoo. As a shampoo I like it more, it moisturizing enough without weighing my baby fine hair down and I don’t have to use conditioner.  I also use this a lot when I am at home and I am feeling lazy and know I am just going to let my hair air dry, its a nice balance and generally less work on my part.

If for no other reason, the scent of these products is pretty much perfection and enough of a reason to try them out, but if I had to pick just one, it would  be the Diaper Care.

*Above image used without permission from HERE