Let’s pretend its 1998


Shea Body Butter, on sale $9.50

For whatever reason, The Body Shop, reminds me of 1998- early suburban malls, Contempo Casuals, United Colors of Benetton- that 1998. Last month I was in Boston to quit smoking with the Mad Russian, and was killing time waiting for my friend to get out of her quit smoking class, when I stumbled upon a brick and mortar Body Shop. I had run out of hand lotion, and it seemed like an opportunity to visit an old friend.

After trying, almost every cream in the store- too perfume-y, too oily, not thick enough- I finally settled on the Shea Butter Body Butter in a travel size tub.

I used it for about a week but the tub proved too cumbersome for my bag.

The other day I ran out of my usual post shower lazy girl sesame oil, when I decided I would use this, in an attempt to use it up and gain some real estate in my bathroom drawer.

The scent on your hands, is nice, but its such a small area you don’t really get the full effect.  I went to town and slathered this on and the scent was amazing, and fresh, and really just post shower perfect. It smelled like the way you want to smell after a shower.

The smell is so universally appealing, that my girlfriend- who has little to say on the subject of beauty anything- said that “something smelled really good” and wanted to know what it was. When I told her it was me, she remarked that the smell reminded her of an old United Colors of Benetton perfume. What I’m saying is that its all connected, and that you should start by smelling awesome- added bonus, this stuff really moisturizes.

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