In plain sight

Malin+Goetz vitamin E Face Moisturizer


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I’ve been treating my skin, inside and out pretty bad recently. Eating dairy, some gluten and a TON of diet Coke. I blame travel and working from home, but nevertheless its taken its toll on my skin. Its super dry and oily at the same time, uber combination skin.

I have been using my same moisturizer as the temperature dips that I used in summer, but it almost seems like its making my skin more oily and leaving a film on my face. I’ve been noticing that my skin gets shiner and that my makeup seems to be sliding off my face.

Enter Malin + Goetz, a brand whose packaging always caught my eye, but a brand that I knew not enough about of to warrant taking a closer look. In fact, I was thrown by the packaging, how could something so pretty actually deliver results. That was until one of my favorite makeup artists for Laura Mercier, recommended the line I had seen so many times, urging me that this would be super gentle and bring my skin back to normal.

I’ve had the generously sized samples sitting around for a while, but they just sat in my sample drawer.  I try so many products for the blog, that sometimes my skin gets super reactive and ‘burny.’ Desperate for relief  I reached for the these little guys and went for it.

Not expecting much, this moisturizer  instantly absorbed into my skin, which must have been super super dry. The fine lines I had been experiencing were greatly reduced, and in my very unscientific opinion something happened to my enlarged pores in a good way. They seemed to me at least, before I used the lotion, because my skin was super dry, very exacerbated and obvious, but with this moisturizer they really seemed to be minimized.

Overall, I was quite surprised by my experience with this face lotion, I really loved it. My face felt smoother, the burn I was experiencing was greatly reduced, and my face looked better. In my own head I look more rested and just generally hydrated. I just bought a new moisturizer for day, but I am and have been trying to rationalize a reason to purchase this full size. I really am obsessed, I can’t stop thinking about how great my face feels. Maybe when I finish my summer moisturizer I will restock with this, or at least I’ll wait until the temperature dips and I really need it.

Have you tried any other Malin + Goetz products, I would love to know what you think!

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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