Lipstick Challenge Day 25: The French do it Better


Homeoplasmine, $24.99

This stuff is amazing. On the lips its pure matte, velvet moisture love (if thats a thing), but in a pinch the other day I slathered this on my hands for some quick relief from the dry, cracking hands that winter has decided to bestow. I know I mention a lot of hand cream on the blog, but what I don’t mention is that as the temperature dips even more, I need more moisture, I need more help, my hands are getting out of control. Peeling cuticles, cracking knuckles, dry patches you name it my hands have it- and its not pretty. 

Even though its in a petroleum base (well its says vaseline, which is petroleum, so I made the jump), which eventually will dry out your skin, in the instant, it provides the best relief from cracked winter hands. Its not too oily, so I can get back to my computer, my iphone or whatever really, and it really sort of seals in the cracks and the pain associated with them. I don’t know about you, but cracking skin on your hands is the worst. So even though this makes a super luxe  lip balm, it does double duty as hand cream, which is great if you carry around twenty pounds of stuff daily, you can at least eliminate one thing.

Oh, and its from France, which makes this instantly cooler.

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