Julep Freedom™ Polymer Top Coat

I’ve had two weddings in the past month so I did two back to back GEL manicures. If you are not familiar, while GEL manicures last 2 to 2 and a half weeks they wreak your nails or at least they leave my nails paper thin and unattractive. So I just took off my GEL a few days ago and went back to regular polish. I mentioned my favorite base and top coat by Sephora, called Sephora X a few weeks ago, but another GEL alternative just came across my desk that is 4-Free and claims to do the same thing, which is give you gel like shine and super staying power of your manicure aka less chips. So since I love green alternatives I thought I’d give it a whirl. Read what I thought after the jump.  Continue reading

Stealing from your Grandmas Beauty Closet


Dabu Nail Hardener $6.91

I found out about Dabu a long time ago. Nevertheless, this top coat blows all other top coats out of the water. While I can’t say much on shine (all top coats loose shine within a day), what this one does, that blows all others away, is really keep your polish chip free for days. FOR DAYS!  Continue reading

November’s Ipsy Bag

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Ipsy, is one of the many subscription style monthly beauty clubs, similar to the very popular (and my fave) BirchBox. While I do get a BirchBox every month, a beauty addict like myself needs more to stave off the desire to spend all my time in Sephora, online shopping and in Whole Food Beauty, really I do, and of course I love getting mail. Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey

Julep Nail Varnish in Meryl


More info HERE. The above image is from Sephora which has a grey polish set by Julep more info HERE

The funny thing about the color grey is that it can look purple or even blue. I have learned this lesson many times. Including the paint on my walls. Rewind to January 2012, when I embarked on painting my apartment. I picked out a million of those paint swatches, all in shades of grey. I settled on 5 colors all different shades of grey and neutral. I packed up my stuff and headed to my parents for a week while my apartment got painted. While the painting actually took 3 weeks, the first week I decided to return home and check the progress. Well. My walls were not grey, they were purple, my bedroom was baby purple perfect for a five year old’s room and the office was a band-aid flesh color. FML basically. Continue reading

Yeah, you probably need more horse power

Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer


More info HERE

Despite going green, the one thing I continue to have a hard time giving up is my Gel Manicures. They are amazing. They last at least for me, three weeks (I only use the CND brand) and I save money, time and my nails always look perfect. But, I am aware of all the toxic chemicals in the Gel process, so I did give them up for a while.

Right now I’ve been traveling a lot and its much easier to have Gel nails on the go so I can leave all of my nail paraphernalia at home and concentrate on bringing other skin care necessities. But when I did give up Gel my nails were ragged, thin, peeling and not like they were before. I’ve heard dermatologist say that if you are going to get a Gel once in a while its okay, but not all the time one after the other. I clearly do not listen, because all the ladies at the nail place know me really well.

I was desperate to fix my nails. I was going all-natural and it was not pretty. This was the beginning of my quest to go green in my beauty routine and I was still teetering in and out of being green. I went through several conventional nail growth, fixer products that did not work including Nailtiques. I had been looking at the Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer  for some time but it was expensive with shipping and I wondered if it would work at all, or if it would fail like the others.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I used this consistently, alone on bare nails and under Butter polish and my nails got stronger. I followed the directions to put a coat on once a day and to take it off after seven, and sure enough in about a month my nails looked much better. They were not perfect, I mean I needed to grow out my nails, but it did markedly improve them so I could wear bare nails or a little bit of regular polish, and it made them stronger.

The Butter London colors are also really great. The color selection is totally on trend and they offer lots of crazy fun glitter colors, which despite not being five, I think if you have a steady hand, can be really nice. The polish itself lasts a good 3-4 days before chipping, which I think is fine, because I’m rough on my hands and I don’t expect much longer than that. And besides it is just an excuse to change my nail color more frequently.

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10/22 Sunday Round Up

Sunday morning round-up. Basically, really cool things from around the internet to look at while drinking some coffee on Sunday Morning. Click on the description to be taken to some cool articles, pictures, tips and recipes.

This space is super amazing

Navy Nail love, can’t wait to try this and pair it with one of my many army green anorak jackets 

I should really bust my sparkle oxfords out before it gets too cold! 

Looking for a reason to make a batch of these vegan truffels, mhmmmmm

Funkins, aka fun pumpkins

Joy Cho of OHJOY! gets me every time, every single time

Back to basics? I think OhHappyDay! basically broke into my house and took pictures of my closet, swoon, the essentials are where its at! 

Finally, broke down and got this tote, I am hoping that it will help me contain myself, and only carry one bag instead of multiple tote bags. So excited! 

Hair Rut? Mom hair? Some easy, super cute non technical solutions! 

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10/14 Sunday Morning Roundup

Sunday Morning Round Up…

Awesome, super fun things from around the interwebs this week to enjoy over some coffee on Sunday morning.

What inspires you by Joy Cho

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Even though we share the same name, Ilana Kohn’s Spring ’13 Lookbook is pretty amazing

My current obsession

Great make-up storage ideas

Winter Eyes

Right now with indoor heat, hydration is key, this neat water bottle would make that seemingly difficult task much easier

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