Toxic Tuesday Turkish Delight

Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie


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Free samples are a blessing and a curse. In this case a curse, because this stuff is amazing, smells like magic, leaves you soft and scents your entire bathroom like the most luxurious spa you have never been to. This stuff turns your shower into a bath- for real.

I read somewhere that just showering, can be as relaxing as a bath, while I normally would disagree with this statement. Turkish Delight by Lush, does in fact turn your regular shower, your AM routine into a bath. The most relaxing and best scented experience.

The only problem with this product is some questionable ingredients  namely propylene glycol which comes from petrochemical sources. Lush is green in some respects, but it hides behind being ‘handmade’ as synonymous with being natural, green and nontoxic without really clarifying. I do love this product though, and its really really hard not to look the other way.

Aside from its skin softening powers, this stuff smells amazing and lingers on your skin and scents your entire bathroom. Totally over the top, totally an extra thing you didn’t realize you needed, but something once  you have it, you can’t stop thinking about. Holiday gift? Anyone?

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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