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RMS Living Luminizer


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The theme this week unintentionally seems to be  ‘things you did not know you needed until you have them, and then you realize you can’t live without them.’

This is one of those things.

The RMS Living Luminizer was beckoning me for months. I resisted because my face tends to be on the shiny side. I resisted because I thought, that I would literally GLOW like I had not washed my face in ages. I went to ABC Carpet and Home one day, just perusing and blowing off steam playing with pots of make up and put some on the back of my hand. Until this point I had just read about it, but not experienced it. I really thought it would be just like other luminizers that leave your face slick and full of micro glitter. While it appears frighteningly white in the pot, it imparts the most perfect clear sheen. It is not glittery or overly pearlescent, it just leaves the most perfect glow-y ness.

I use it in the corner of my eyes, my cupids bow, down my nose, as an eye shadow and right on top of my brow bone. This stuff, lights up my face. I literally look, especially putting it on the corners of my eyes, more awake. I look glow-y not shiny and certainly not like a 13 year old going to a Bat Mitzvah in 1996.

I use it everyday, but it lives in my to-go make up bag. I have switched a lot of my make up to products that allow me to layer them on  later in the day without feeling like I am wearing a mask and this is certainly one of those products. Using it while your out is a really quick way to refresh your face while avoiding that ‘mask’ feeling that reapplication can sometimes bring. After I incorporated this product I find that I use way less of other products, saving time and exposing myself to less chemicals. RMS is also such a great company founded by Rose-Marie Swift and best of all, the ingredients are super safe and good for your skin too.

While $38.00 is expensive for a tiny pot of product you didn’t think you needed. I asure you that this addition will  leave you very pleased.

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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