Like Herbal Essences but for Cats


Four Paws Magic Coat Tearless Shampoo for Cats & Kittens with Protein & Lanolin $7.47

I love to try weird beauty things, especially if they will save me money. Despite appearances and my love of beauty products, I do like saving money. Anyway. My cat, one of them, gets very stressed if I am stressed or if anyone else in the house is. And when he gets sympathy stress, he well, he gets sick, and by sick I mean stomach issues (no details necessary) and then he needs a bath.

 I promise this eventually ends up on a beauty issue.

This past weekend was no exception. The little guy got sick and needed a shower. So his actual cat mom, gave him a shower, which I had witnessed before. It’s such a terrible thing to do to a cat, they hate it, but its also super cute because they look like little wilted creatures. Anyway, what I noticed was that after the shower when he finally fluffed back up, and dried out, was that he smelled amazing. I mean like unreal, and the scent lingered for days. I could not stop smelling my cat. I thought, could I use this shampoo? It had only a few ingredients, none of which seemed that bad, and besides it was for cats, they are little and are more susceptible and sensitive to things right? So this had to be gentle?

 People use horse shampoo, that’s like a thing, so why not cat shampoo? Have you ever done this? Do you have a favorite brand? Or am I crazy! Please leave comments and then maybe I’ll have the courage to use something actually made for my small insanely cute little friend.

Come on and comment!

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