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Origins Brow

Origins Just Browsing, Brow Shaping Color in Soft Brown $16.00

I’ve been using Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, for what seems like an eternity, since 2007. Even though you are supposed to or are encouraged to throw out beauty products on the regular, I’ve kept this one mini compact for the entire time. Seriously. Nevertheless, my brows needed something else, some more taming, some more pigment, some more of something because my benzoyl-peroxide ance stuff was turning them blonder and blonder by the day, I have dark brown hair, so this was a problem.

I don’t know how I discovered this product, or why I went for it over the countless other brow products out there but its awesome. It works just like mascara, you just swipe it carefully on your brows and they are tinted, groomed and in place in one very easy step. Sometimes, extra brow gel gets on your face, but it comes off super easy. I like that it does definition, color and taming in one step, theres no need for a brown gel after or a clear mascara. The color is really rich and adds definition to my lighter than they should be brows. I usually use this stuff after my face is totally done because I like to cover up the stray face powder, foundation, bronzer what have you that accumulates in my brows in this way that makes them look quite sad. I like a strong brow and this works perfectly.

I haven’t quite given up my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo entirely, but I do notice that when I use it, my brows looks super powdery and if I’m not up on my brow maintenance (which I never am) it really highlights the abundant nano hairs that exist because I am so lazy about getting my brows done.

This stuff is awesome, and I can’t believe it took me seven years to find a better product.

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