Its F-ing Winter and nothing can save you, except maybe for this.


Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion $9.99

I’ve tried other Acure Organics products before and I was not in love ( this cleanser really stripped my skin, and the leave-in made me breakout, I think, but made my hair amazing). Either way. I was slightly hesitant to try something else but nevertheless I did.

I don’t actually need to firm anything, thank genetics, but I liked the idea of lemongrass scented anything in the dead of f-ing winter.

The lotion itself is a bit hard to rub in, you have to work it, so it takes about a minute longer than traditional lotion, which is OK, because it has no nasty ingredients in it, so I am okay with the extra work, I consider it self massage. It moisturizes fine, no problems there, nothing too luxe, nothing too skimpy its fine because I prep with sesame oil before I get out of the shower.

But the scent OMG. I want to bottle it. So fresh, so summer, so not winter.

So, although this is not a product claim by the company, I think in your efforts to combat SAD, you should get this lotion, its only my suggestion but I really dig the scent and for a second I forget that I live in an Arctic tundra, and any firming it does is awesome, because the gym is so not on my list of places to go and who couldn’t use a boost in that area. I mean really?

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