Breaking Up With Benzoyl-Peroxide


MyChelle Dermaceuticals Clear Skin Serum $31.79

I’ve been using Benzoyl-Peroxide for the last three years to reign in my acne. I recently switched to a product that contains a Hydroquinone alternative, and I knew that regular Hydroquinone and Benzoyl-Peroxide do not mix, so I needed an alternative treatment to keep my acne in check.  Continue reading

Its F-ing Winter and nothing can save you, except maybe for this.


Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion $9.99

I’ve tried other Acure Organics products before and I was not in love ( this cleanser really stripped my skin, and the leave-in made me breakout, I think, but made my hair amazing). Either way. I was slightly hesitant to try something else but nevertheless I did. Continue reading

Thirty Seconds or Less


Mychelle Dermaceuticles White Cranberry Cleanser, $17.29 & at Whole Foods

A cleanser either dries out your skin or keeps the moisture in balance. It either removes your makeup or it doesn’t. It makes you break out or it keeps your skin clear. It basically either works or it doesn’t and you can tell pretty quickly. Continue reading

Product Truth


Product Truth: Why Green Products?

When I was on the fence about switching to greener beauty products, I decided that I would count how many products I use because there is this ‘stat’ that is used frequently to encourage women to think more critically about what they put on their bodies, and this fact got me thinking.  Continue reading

Lipstick Challenge Day 11: Cheap Thrills

burts bees

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm $7.00 in Rose, Tiger Lily and  Hibiscus

I love a good cheap thrill, and these are rather awesome. I hate the original Burt’s Bees lip balm. When people love it, I just know they need to have their eyes open to other greater lip balms that are out there.  I think the Burt’s Bees original is overly waxy and for me it leaves white ring around my mouth if I am not careful. So when I picked up these guys, I was hesitant. Continue reading

Eyes on the Prize


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream $19.00 & $10.00

I’ve had this eye cream for a while, but never consistently used it. I was trying to finish up my current eye cream first. But last week, after a few really late nights, poor eating and generally putting my body through the worst of it, I really needed something to work on the under eye puffiness and bags that were beginning to develop. Continue reading

Lulu Organic Hair Powder


Lulu Organic Hair Powder in Lavender + Clary Sage $9.50

Hair powder for me is essential. My hair tends to be on the thinner oilier side so I must wash everyday, but I can get away with not washing when I use some hair powder, washing my ‘bangs’ and putting my hair in a top knot. Nevertheless I had already found my holy grail of hair powder, Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oak Milk. I was super loyal to my Klorane. I would buy my Klorane in the mini aerosol can. Stash it in my bag, especially in the warmer months but especially when I had heavy bangs happening. This stuff is great, and really nothing seemed to come close. Continue reading

Wax on.

Waxelene the Petroleum Jelly Alternative


More Info HERE

I was on the quest for my cousin Ben, to find him something to soothe his hands (he works outside and inside and just generally puts them through the ringer).

I came across this little jem one late night at Whole Foods.

Its pretty balm. Continue reading