Lemongrass LOVE

acure organics hair care lemongrass argan stem cell review

I love Acure Organics. Reasonably priced and the products are so goooooooood and they are formulated without any of the nasty stuff. This past winter I became pretty enamored with this body lotion, mainly because of the scent, lemongrass. It smells so amazing, super fresh and the scent really lingers on your body. So I tweeted the company not to long ago to see if they made any other products with the lovely lemongrass scent. Turns out they do. 

Just about the time I found out about this shampoo and conditioner duo my hair needed a break from my favorite shampoo and conditioner of the moment by Pantene. I think in part it was moving back to NYC— the water is just so different and my hair is not a fan– I needed a gentle detox. This duo by Acure Organics was just what I needed. 

It smells just like the lotion and its amazing. I really can’t get enough of it. After I used I saw my friend Rosey and she commented on how awesome my hair looked. For me this unsolicited great hair comment means that this duo is going to stay in heavy rotation. 

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