Shaving Tips



I’m looking for some shaving tips, I am getting crazy crazy razor burn for apparently no reason as I have not changed my  routine or anything. 

Seeking some advice.

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One thought on “Shaving Tips

  1. The Art of Shaving makes some of the loveliest products for women, even though they are mainly male oriented. The rose scented shave oil, which you apply before shaving is an instant skin softener and should help with razor burn. And the rose scented shave lotion is divine. EOS also makes great shave cream, and for a lot less. My fav is the vanilla scent. If you want the best ‘personal shaver’, that would be 2 products from Japan; the Cleancut Shaver and Trimmer. You won’t ever use anything else. For an everyday razor, I stick with Gillette interchangable blades which do the trick with The Art of Shaving products mentioned above.

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