Deeply Coveting


Farmaesthetics Lip Softener $11

Sometimes I go crazy for lip balm. This is one of them. 

I’d been coveting this lip balm for quite a while. Like a year.  The packaging, the simple ingredients, the story behind the brand they all got me hooked. But I have so so so so so many lip balms that I really needed to wait until I had an actual need. Then I did and finally went for it. And I am so glad I did.

This is a a pretty basic lip product. With hints of lemon-y mint, I’m instantly transported to late summer ( I can dream, I mean it is mid-February and with no vacation in sight it’s all I have). Its not so much a balm as it is a potted gloss that is supremely glossy and extremely moisturizing. It creates no lip balm dry out or dependency that some balms can cause, instead my lips are perfectly balanced moisture wise for hours.

Somehow, I think that this 100% natural lip balm will make me a better person, that I’ll eat a balanced diet and finally quit Diet Coke, one can hope. At least while I wait my lips won’t be chapped. Win Win.

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