So, with this crazy dark spot on my face, how did I recover? Well, for starters I picked up some Neosporin with Pain Relief to slather on and help this crazy big spot heal, but the other thing I picked up was a really surprising salve I had seen only once before.

I picked up Prid only because I was out of options and really needed this thing to heal.

For my new dark spot mess, it really helped it heal. It quickly shrunk, dried out and got less red. Brilliant. I was a happy camper. I then decided to put it on this emerging blemish. I put it on at night and in the morning, not only did the spot completely go down, but it lost all tell tale signs that a blemish was brewing.

Prid has some stellar ingredients including sulfur for drawing out and calendula for healing, so I was not surprised at all when it worked so well. Its a oily slave but no matter its consistency, its power to heal is beyond words. Please pick some up and keep it on hand for skincare debacles and your average run of the mill blemish, you will not be sorry. Also, the adorable retro tin would look super glam in your medicine cabinet, way cuter than say zit cream that says so on the tube, just sayin’.

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