Defying Expectations


Pantene Pro- V Age Defy 3 Peice Starter Kit, $9.97

So this product seemed to be calling to me from the shelves of drugstores and pages of magazines lately because it totally purports to fix a lot of the problems I’m having with my hair as of late. But I have a bunch of shampoo and conditioners living in my bathroom and I’m loyal to my Phylia de’ M stuff, but that later is just so prohibitively expensive, I needed options, I love options. But I was not abou to spend thirty bucks on this system just to try it out (unofficial Resolution #5 spend less in 2013). For obvious reasons I was hesitent, basically I wondered if it would work, and did not want any more discarded products in my life, I find that depressing although, I’ve started giving those away. I mean what does not work for me, might work for someone else. Am I right?

So, this system claims to fight the seven signs of aging by reducing breakage, preventing split ends, reducing frizz, controlling unruly grays, minimizing lackluster color, improving a thin look and minimizing dryness. Basically this looks like what I’ve been needing, but first about my hair. It used to be mega ultra thick, but poor diet, stress and illness have made my hair way way less thick and generally less healthy looking and I’ve notice more and more greys in the last month (What the F?!). Nevertheless  I still avoided purchasing it, but that was until I found this set, I paid about twelve bucks for mine, which seemed fine because the third step, the treatment, costs twenty bucks on its own, it seemed like a really good way to try out products (Way to go Pantene!).

First, impression. The shampoo and conditioner felt nice and creamy in the shower, but I did not experience anything out of the ordinary  but definitely nothing offensive.  It has been a while since I’ve used  shampoo with pure sulfates in it, but most sulfate free shampoos use alternatives that are basically the same thing, pretty much natural beauty product in sheeps clothing, so I feel like it does not make that much of a difference. The standout, after my first use is the treatment, I think I felt a little burning, but I’m not sure, either way it subsided pretty quickly. But after my blow-dry  my hair did actually look and feel a bit thicker without any weird coating feeling on my hair, and my hair did not get a reactive greasiness.

But, what got me is this, normally I have to have to wash my hair everyday, I can get away with second day hair with a ton of dry shampoo and a top knot, but its usually super bed head-y, so its for days only when I can get away with that (hello Sunday!), here’s the thing though, on the second day after using this my hair was not oily, not greasy at all and my inevitable top-knot did not make me look like a hot mess, basically my hair looked good, on the second day. This never happens. Amazing.

So, my first impression is that my hair looked and felt thicker, my split ends were less noticeable and my second day hair was fine, I really did not need to wash it. The second day hair thing is reason enough to keep using this.

Week 1: After using this system exclusively for a week my hair is noticeably shiner and healthier looking. The biggest thing is that my hair really does look thicker. I air dry my hair most days because I feel it looks the best and I have been consistently having great hair days. I have zero frizz too. But again, best part is that I don’t have to wash my hair everyday, which is HUGE. I didn’t wash my hair for three days (maybe thats gross, I don’t know) but on the third day, my hair looked totally acceptable.

Week 2: I am still loving the shampoo, conditioner and treatment. My hair looks better than ever and I really can’t imagine going back to my beloved Phylia d’M .  This really is an outstanding set from the drugstore that actually delivers results that are pretty amazing.

Overall, I am in product love, this stuff is the best, my hair has not looked this good in over a year. Really.

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