Blend Baby Blend

Beauty Blender Review

A few years back I was obsessed with these, obsessed people. These sponges are amazing, they assist with applying makeup in such a way that your makeup looks amazing every single time, seriously.  But then I stopped, I got lazy, using a sponge was costing me precious seconds, so I just used my fingers. I know, be horrified.

But I came across these guys not so long ago and I decided to give them a go once again. Seriously, why did I ever stop using them? They really make a difference. Usually I have a streak of makeup not rubbed in everyday somewhere on my face when I just use my fingers, which my girlfriend always points out (thankfully) so I blend it in. But with this odd shaped sponge, I’m golden, no streaks. I’m convinced its the high quality materials and the shape that make these little sponges magic.

Don’t waste another second using a foundation brush or your fingers. Throw the money down and keep these pink orbs near you at all times, or at least when you do your makeup. Thank me later.

Shop it HERE or HERE

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