Hype or Magic: Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap Review


This soap is on every single blog. I swear. I see it all the time. But I’ve never read anything about them. It’s just added as a pretty detail to some assortment of other products. But I had to know, is this soap THAT good? I kept running into it in stores but avoided picking it up because I was convinced that it was all HYPE, and then I used it.

Worth the hype people. I really love bar soap because it’s quicker than using a poof with body wash, even though I love the scent of body wash. But generally on an average day, I go with a bar of soap. But I’m sensitive so most of the time, especially in winter it’s Dove Beauty Bar 90% of the time and that gets horrifically boring. So finally, I bought the Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap.

So I took a shower and was blown away, the lather, the scent, the way it made my skin feel all were amazing. Super moisturized, exfoliated thanks to the bits of sea salt in the bar, and overall excellent with zero film. I was in love. My girlfriend used it and commented something along the lines of, what’s with the new soap in the shower because it’s fantastic. It even was the topic of conversation at dinner one night.

Basically, this soap is all over the place, so the next time you see it pick it up, you will NOT be sorry. Seriously,  this is one amazing bar of soap.

Shop it HERE

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