A Good Foundation || Part Two


I went back to one of my longstanding favorite foundations, Laura Mericer Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve reviewed it before, and I’ve bought about a dozen bottles of this stuff over the years. It is pretty amazing in the summer, for brunch and for when you just want to be low key.

Without primer, this just does not stay on your face. It absorbs somewhere and leaves you looking like you just had sex in a closet, somewhere between winded and glow-y, not terrible and sexy in that way that leftover eyeliner speaks volumes about how you spent the last twelve hours, but entirely not work appropriate.  Follow after the jump to see how it performed on a 12 hour day with a few primers.

I employed a few primers here is what I thought:

I used the Laura Mericer Radiance Primer, which I mentioned yesterday, with similar results. The wear was undoubtedly longer than without anything under it, but really, it just slid off my face and left me bare in a way that looked like I woke up late and barely made it to the office.

I also tried the Hourglass Primer, which worked well with this tinted moisturizer, better than with the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, but still by mid-afternoon I looked like I had just taken a nap under my desk

E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set a primer I’ve reviewed before. A primer that held up on a 95-degree day in July spent in direct sunlight, but honestly, this setting spray could not cut it for my workday. I don’t know what this says about the air quality in midtown Manhattan, that to me, is even more troubling.

Check back tomorrow as I review another foundation and more primers.


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