Breaking Up With Benzoyl-Peroxide


MyChelle Dermaceuticals Clear Skin Serum $31.79

I’ve been using Benzoyl-Peroxide for the last three years to reign in my acne. I recently switched to a product that contains a Hydroquinone alternative, and I knew that regular Hydroquinone and Benzoyl-Peroxide do not mix, so I needed an alternative treatment to keep my acne in check. 

Since, switching to MyChelle cleanser a few weeks ago and having such great results, I decided to try another product from the company aimed at combating acne that had no benzoyl-peroxide in it.

So far its a great pick that actually works. I have experienced zero breakouts since using both the cleanser and the serum.  Its easily absorbed and I’ve experienced no reactive breakouts either. It works well with this new treatment I am trying out (review to come) and there are no adverse interactions between the two.

But the best part, aside from the fact that it works, is the smell. It smells like luxe hippie magic goodness a.k.a what I think is patchouli. The patchouli scent is not overly heady as it is mixed with other scents, so its really mellow. It smells so good and the scent lingers for a while. Its very calming and relaxing and I love it, I really feel like I am using a luxe facial treatment not an acne treatment. It is just so much more glamourous.

Bottom line is that it works and its just a bonus that it smells devine and feels so good on your skin.

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