Lipstick Challenge Day 11: Cheap Thrills

burts bees

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm $7.00 in Rose, Tiger Lily and  Hibiscus

I love a good cheap thrill, and these are rather awesome. I hate the original Burt’s Bees lip balm. When people love it, I just know they need to have their eyes open to other greater lip balms that are out there.  I think the Burt’s Bees original is overly waxy and for me it leaves white ring around my mouth if I am not careful. So when I picked up these guys, I was hesitant.

The balm aspect of these guys is spot on. Super moisturizing and glides on very easy, read: not waxy at all.  They do a really good job of saturating your lips, and the dry off time is long so you don’t have to reapply for a while.

Now the color. The Rose is definitely the darkest, but while its the darkest the color remains very sheer. It really leaves just a dash of color on your lips that is almost unnoticeable.  The Hibiscus and the Tiger Lily are both very close in color, are very sheer and are borderline clear, but they add just a hint of tint that really adds depth to a bare lip. All three of them though sheer  are so moisturizing, they all add such a nice plumpness and leave this subtle sheen that just reeks of healthiness.

I love these balms for times when looking healthy and fresh is the name of the game, you know minimal, that ‘you can’t tell I’m wearing makeup look but you totally are’. Sometimes I get caught up in dark eyes, or a bold lip that I think I look to ‘done’- I honestly think sometimes these looks age me a bit.

With these balms, the slight color, glimmer and moistness  is a great complement to clean minimal makeup.

*Lost image source. Apologies.

4 thoughts on “Lipstick Challenge Day 11: Cheap Thrills

  1. I never tried Honeysuckle, just Hibiscus, which is super sheer and almost clear with a little bit of sheer something something.

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