Magic Oil

dr alkiatis

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil $79.95

You know when you have a blemish, and you try to kill it via popping, squeezing, masks, drying spot treatment etc., and then your left with a whopping dry spot on your face. Flaky and weird and 100% not a surface suitable for concealer. Well, I usually use a dab of jojoba oil on the spot to moisturize so that I can conceal it, but recently I’ve been dabbing this on those spots, and in addition to moisturizing and killing the gross flakiness, I am beginning to think that this also heals and reduces redness. Either way I played dermatologist the other day and left a sizable hole on the side of my face (do not follow me on the dermatologist play time), nevertheless, it was almost practically healed in less than a day, until I thought I needed to play dermatologist again, and totally interrupted the process. So if you can avoid picking, this miracle oil really does a number on blemishes. And as a bonus you can use it as a face oil, hair treatment and body moisturizer, and it smells rather luxe too.

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