Outside of my Comfort Zone

RMS Magnetic

RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Magnetic $28.00 

I have a tendency to wear a ton of neutrals on my eyes. I don’t really go for colors, the most color I’ll go for its copper or gold, but just on my upper lash line so theres that. So when I went in search of a new shadow to get me out of my rut, I immediately went for RMS. Now normally, I shop online for everything, but this time because I wanted out of my rut, I wanted to try the product first because I wanted to get something outside of my comfort zone. So I had to find RMS in Chicago, and that’s how I found Space 519,  a really amazing and well curated store that carries RMS. I was on a mission. So last weekend when I went downtown to run errands I made a point of stopping by Space 519. Up five flights of escalators and your there, it felt like a vision quest.

Space 519 is so rad, they carry such pretty things, I really just loved being in space and they had the most enviable collection of beauty items (I wish they had more!). I first went for the shadow color Lunar by RMS, but then realized even though it was the perfect swipe of just barely there color,  I was just buying a neutral, so I reached hesitantly for Magnetic. It looked super dark brown, but upon further inspection it really looked more like a purple-y taupe hybrid, which I thought would go nicely with my very green eyes and bridge the gap between my neutral loving ways and some color.

I put some on and was immediately in love, while it is sort of a neutral, it has some purple bang to it which really made my green eyes pop. When I put it on later in the evening, I still loved it. When I put it on this morning, it looked as though I spent a lot of time doing my eye makeup, it has this 3-D quality that gives really awesome depth to your eyes even though I just literally swiped this on with my finger.

This is further proof that RMS is the dopest thing to hit the makeup world in a long long time. Really. I’m obsessed. Each product I have is spot on amazing, and makes getting ready so easy. I want to collect them all, really I do.

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