Lipstick Challenge Day 24: Aesop


Aesop Rosehip Seed Oil Lip Cream, $13.00  or online

So, the other day when I was at my new favorite store Space 519 in addition to picking up some pots of RMS magic, I also picked up this lovely lip cream. 

Its weird it is totally a cream. Its not a balm, a gloss or anything like that. Its a cream. What it lacks in familiarity it makes up in moisturization/lip smoothing abilities pretty hardcore. Like Blistex its white consistency makes your lips faintly more toned down, which is a good thing. Its tastes like super luxe natural hippie goodness.

Either way, I’ve been dealing with flaky lips when I wear bold lipstick colors and this is the best for putting on first. Because its not a balm or a gloss its great for putting on prior to some bold color. While its not a primer or anything like that, it really does a great job combating flakiness that can occur when you wear bold matte color like I do. And it does not interfere with the staying power of your lip color either, which is awesome. I’ve never really had flaky lips before, but since moving to the Arctic Tundra, its something that I’ve been noticing, so with this lip cream in addition to lip scrub (when I remember) my lips have the perfect base for super smooth lipstick application. No creepy flakiness here.

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