Face Washing Equipment: The Low Down


In 2007, I was introduced to the Clarisonic by my aesthetician, who at the time despite trying super hard and being one of the best in the city could not clear my skin, suggested I try this device. I used it pretty faithfully for about a year, with really no life changing results.

So when my skin started acting up when I was studying for the bar, I tried to unearth my Clarisonic, but I had lost the charger and they don’t make that model any more so I ponied up the money for a new one. I used it for a week, my skin felt great but I experienced reactive breakouts that were worse than what I started with. My friend, who also happens to be a skin care expert for Sephora, told me that this is because all of the underground nasty pore shit was coming to the surface, this makes sense, but still it was just too much for my skin.

Not too long after I abandoned my Clarisonic once again, I found myself looking at other less mechanical face washing devices, this was around the same time I had wandered into Shen Beauty in Brooklyn. I ended up leaving with this skin-shammy from One Love Organics. I had heard great things about muslin cloths and thought that the $12 investment was okay in light of what I spent on my Clarisonic which still sits collecting dust.

The skin-shammy was weird and now is repurposed as a special face drying cloth, i.e. a regular washcloth. When I used it with cleanser I felt that less makeup and grime was removed than when I just used my hands as normal. Also, it felt slimy, I guess if you used it with their special cleansing balm it makes sense that it would work, but that balm is too much for my skin and too much for my wallet. Another face washing device fail.

You would think at this point and money invested I would have just given up on face washing accouterments, but no. My friend Allison just visited me in Chicago and I took her to one of my favorite places, Merz Apothecary, basically the most magical pharmacy in the whole entire world. I can say this because I’ve been to more than a few on this continent and others, and this one blows me away every single time. Anyway, while I was their loading up on a few unnecessary things I picked up this Charcoal Dew Puff. I was not only intrigued because it looked like a Japanese Anime character, but because the Binchotan Facial Puff I’ve been eyeing forever is twice as much as the Dew Puff, but same concept– I was won over.

What does the Dew Puff do? Why is it so special, well first it gently exfoliates, helps maintain the pH of your skin, and the charcoal give it extra bacteria fighting power. Basically a natural, non irritating boost for your cleanser and skin without breaking the bank and stripping your skin. To use you have to completely saturate the Dew Puff, it goes from hard as a rock to the softest silkiest little puff ever. It feels so luxurious, over the top and wonderful on your face. I was instantly won over by the Dew Puff. If your curious about amping up your face washing routine and don’t want to spend a lot the Dew Puff is a great option and it comes in other varieties also to address other skincare concerns.

One thought on “Face Washing Equipment: The Low Down

  1. What face wash do you use with the Dew Puff? I agree that the Clarisonic didn’t live up to the hype for me

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