The Best Body Wash in the World

Dove Seta Preziosa

Two years ago, one of my BFFs, Zoe, no stranger to this Blog, was living and working in Italy. Obviously, I made it a point to visit her that summer, along with another BFF Christine. We had an AMAZING time, by far one of my most favorite trips ever. Being a considerable beauty fan, I am, I love visiting other people because I get to see what products they use and try them for myself. After showering one day I commented to Zoe that her apartment smelled amazing, Zoe told me it was her body wash, what? Seriously, it felt like 1000 scented candles, it was divine.

It was by Dove and called Dove Supreme Seta Preziosa. I bought a bottle when I was in Italy and treasured it once I found out I could not buy it online. When I started dating my girlfriend, she loved it too and almost used up the remainder of the bottle. I stowed what was left under the sink for special occasions, because really it smells that good and moisturizes like Dove does, exceptionally.

Well, this year for my birthday, Zoe surprised me with a bottle of this luxe body wash, which her dad (who is fantastic BTW) picked up when he was in Italy a few months ago. I jumped off the couch in excitement! So today, when I was prepping this post for the Blog, I googled imaged searched the body wash, and then folks, I found that you can buy it on Amazon. Amazon, people!

Thank me later, shop it HERE

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