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Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint Blackcurrent Review

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that I F-ING love lip products. I went to the BITE BEAUTY SoHo store a few weeks ago for some custom lipstick (a post on that later this week), and this gem caught my eye.

I picked it up a few weeks later at Sephora because I really needed an easy to apply lip color. Something I could apply without a mirror, at work,  to give my face a bit of a pop and moisturize. Anyway, I was drawn to this lip product because their other lip products are so moisturizing while still having major color pay off.

This is a great product. Its definitely in the lip balm category of things. It moisturizes really well, leaving my lips saturated with moisture. The color is a subtle berry stain thats pretty spot on for Fall, its noticeable without being over the top. The best part is that I can apply it without a mirror and not have to worry about it getting all over the place.  Its quite similar to Clinique Black Honey in color but this color works a bit better with my coloring.

Shop it HERE

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