Givenchy ROUGE INTERDIT Magic Lipstick

Givenchy ROUGE INTERDIT Magic Lipstick

This lipstick is the seasonal candy corn of my life right now.

I spent a weekend with some Vampires last month that and because it finally autumn and especially because it is October, I’m leaning toward the proverbial darkness. Nails, hair and duh, lips– my most favorite of all products.

This lipstickcaught me by its packaging, which in real life is not as heavy to hold as I would like, but I’m over it because it reminds me of a bullet or of an antique knife. Perfect to pull out during the weeks leading up to Halloween. I didn’t even try it on before I pulled the trigger, it just needed to land itself into my life.

It is pretty much Rocktober perfection. The product is super moisturizing something I did not expect. Try not to be turned off by the black color in the tube, when applied it looks like way cooler older sister of Clinique’s Black Honey, the one cutting class and smoking Gauloises. I’m fairly certain that if Daria and Jane wore makeup they would rock this.  Much sheerer, than Black Honey, but somehow darker, stranger and more complex, it leaves behind a color more reminiscent of a little kid who just feasted on grape ice pops, than that of a character out of a Bram Stoker novel.

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