Powder your nose…

Powder your face

Face powder is one of those products I’ve always carried with me. In high school, I would always ask my BFF Zoe if my face was shiny. My face was always shiny, today less so than it was back then, but I still keep a powder compact on hand. The one kind of powder I never really used was setting powder because I thought it was pointless and a scheme. While you can use any type of powder to set your makeup, I just thought it was an extra step that I really didn’t need. I was wrong.

I was in Sephora trying to get a new foundation when the woman I was working with suggested this powder by Laura Mercier to set my make up.  It is pretty awesome and definitely worth the extra 25 seconds, it takes to use.  It is colorless and does not leave a white cast either. It boosts the staying power of my makeup and also keeps me pretty shine-free.

Shop it HERE


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