Defying Expectations


Pantene Pro- V Age Defy 3 Peice Starter Kit, $9.97

So this product seemed to be calling to me from the shelves of drugstores and pages of magazines lately because it totally purports to fix a lot of the problems I’m having with my hair as of late. But I have a bunch of shampoo and conditioners living in my bathroom and I’m loyal to my Phylia de’ M stuff, but that later is just so prohibitively expensive, I needed options, I love options. Continue reading

Resolution # 1: Vitamins


Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 (60 SoftGels) $18.95 

So this is post #1 on Resolutions for 2013. I wanted to wait a few days into 2013 to figure out what I really wanted to change before committing. Continue reading

Like Herbal Essences but for Cats


Four Paws Magic Coat Tearless Shampoo for Cats & Kittens with Protein & Lanolin $7.47

I love to try weird beauty things, especially if they will save me money. Despite appearances and my love of beauty products, I do like saving money. Anyway. My cat, one of them, gets very stressed if I am stressed or if anyone else in the house is. And when he gets sympathy stress, he well, he gets sick, and by sick I mean stomach issues (no details necessary) and then he needs a bath.

 I promise this eventually ends up on a beauty issue. Continue reading

My Current Shower Routine


phylia d'm

Phylia De M Shampoo and Conditioner. My review HERE.  Does it make hair grow? Is my hair stronger? I don’t know I have not used it as directed every day, but what I can say is that it smells amazing, leaves my hair soft as can be and generally leaves my hair looking rad. Also, the conditioner is probably the best I’ve ever used. Continue reading

Oh Oh


Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy $35.00

I use a lot of multitasking oils for my hair and body and I use a lot of oils specifically marketed for hair and skin. But most of the time I don’t put oil in my  hair when I am not about to wash it out, you see I only use oils as deep conditioners. So you can see that I was a bit hesitant to use this on dry hair. Continue reading

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Nice Logo Shot

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One Product at a Time

*Above image used without permission from HERE

Lulu Organic Hair Powder


Lulu Organic Hair Powder in Lavender + Clary Sage $9.50

Hair powder for me is essential. My hair tends to be on the thinner oilier side so I must wash everyday, but I can get away with not washing when I use some hair powder, washing my ‘bangs’ and putting my hair in a top knot. Nevertheless I had already found my holy grail of hair powder, Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oak Milk. I was super loyal to my Klorane. I would buy my Klorane in the mini aerosol can. Stash it in my bag, especially in the warmer months but especially when I had heavy bangs happening. This stuff is great, and really nothing seemed to come close. Continue reading