Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific

Gee You're Hair Smells Terrifc

There is something to be said about wildly terrific smelling hair. Its a nice way to incorporate fragrance into your routine while double tasking with the product itself. Getting a burst of fragrance when you move about too is an unexpected aromatherapy moment. These are two products that not only scent your hair but also are pretty solid products.  Continue reading

Bangin’ Problems


Anyone else out there with bangs who notices that any mascara just does not do the trick against your fringe? Seriously, I’ve been through a couple of different tubes of mascara and none can really hold up against my bangs, the length and curl that used to be there just is not there any longer. Is this just me? Or is this a thing I should investigate further?

That Girl with the Great Hair

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hair Shampoo Review

When I first moved to Chicago, there was this girl who had the BEST hair. Every time I saw her, I complimented her on it. The first time I did I immediately asked her where she got her hair cut- she said Art & Science in Wicker Park. The second time I saw her I was like, again your hair is amazing, tell me what shampoo do you use. You are never going to guess what she uses. Continue reading

New: Green Picks


As I have mentioned I do talk about products that are not so green. Its hard, I love products. I’ve created a new tab to house all of the posts on green products, called GREEN PICKS. All the products listed are safe and pass my rigorous reading of ingredient lists. I’ll be updating this over the next week or so to include all of the One Product posts on safer products!

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!



The Name is Product, Product Pomade $14

I’ve been growing out my hair for the last five months and thus not getting it cut on a regular basis. I am at the tail end of this torture and plan on getting my hair cut within the next two weeks, but as I wait my hair is a disaster. The folks at The Name is Product, were listening to my plea for help with my unruly hair a few weeks ago and sent me some Product.

Well did it save me from ‘mom hair’ hell? Continue reading

Winter Hair Woes


John Masters Organic Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner $20.00 

I’ve been in love with my hair recently due to this hair care gem, but its not so green and I got sample sizes so as I neared the end of my supply I was on the lookout for a new shampoo. At the same time, I’d been experiencing dry scalp with some unsightly flaking which might have been hair product, but IDK, but I knew I needed something to combat that first and foremost.  Continue reading