My iPhone 4 has been on the fritz so it was time to upgrade and get a new one. So I started to purchase a phone from but then had all these questions so I called Verizon for some help. Then I had to figure out where to buy it from Apple or Verizon because they have different accident protection/applecare/insurance etc. I don’t know about other service providers but  the main difference between Verizon and Apple is that Verizon while being more expensive will totally replace your phone if its lost or stolen, Apple will not, and Verizon will not insure your phone if you buy it from Apple.  Just sayin’ thats important info if you can’t keep track of your shit or you bike a lot or whatever.

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ELF Studio Makeup MIst and Set Review

So, its been really hot in NYC, like insanely hot with tons of humidity. It seems like the last two weeks have hovered around 95 degrees with zero reprieve in sight. I”ve stopped wearing cute clothing in favor of outfits that keep me cool and I certainly stopped wearing full on makeup. But sometimes, parties or events call for makeup. So last weekend, when I had a baptism to go to on a 100 degree day how did I pull it together and keep my face from melting off within five minutes?????

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This site is super fun. Its like a super horoscope for your birthday and year. So the next time you have an hour left of work with nothing else to do enter your birthday and go to town. Enjoy!

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Best Deet Free Bug Spray Review

I recently had one of my favorite couples over, Liz and John. We spent the night sitting in my backyard sipping LOTS and LOTS of wine and beer, both of which resulted in horrible mornings. Either way I used the opportunity to test bug sprays, organic and the not so organic. Read on to see which proved to be the best!

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Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara Review

I’m always on the hunt for a new mascara, especially a green one.  IDK recently all of my mascaras have not been doing there thing aka lengthening and curling– yes I need and want both. I do have a stand by, this one, but even though its amazing with zero flakes and massive length and curl, summer makes me want to go greener with my beauty products even more than I already do.  Continue reading


Julep Freedom™ Polymer Top Coat

I’ve had two weddings in the past month so I did two back to back GEL manicures. If you are not familiar, while GEL manicures last 2 to 2 and a half weeks they wreak your nails or at least they leave my nails paper thin and unattractive. So I just took off my GEL a few days ago and went back to regular polish. I mentioned my favorite base and top coat by Sephora, called Sephora X a few weeks ago, but another GEL alternative just came across my desk that is 4-Free and claims to do the same thing, which is give you gel like shine and super staying power of your manicure aka less chips. So since I love green alternatives I thought I’d give it a whirl. Read what I thought after the jump.  Continue reading

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I’m generally obsessed with Kate Spade Saturday as a whole, those design your own weekender bags have got my heart racing. But I do love a good fancy pen, especially in bight yellow. Le Pen collaborated with Saturday to create these awesome bight pens, I love Le Pen in general and the fact that while being bright yellow the ink is black makes me even more obsessed.

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Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Pouch

I think its safe to say that a lot of women (and men too!) have this problem– which is that they carry too much unnecessary shit in their everyday bag. I never think I do this, that is until I travel and I cram everything in my purse into one of my carry-ons. Traipsing through the airport it all becomes abundantly clear, I am a purse hoarder. Over the weekend I traveled a ton, by plane, by car and by train and I got stuck in a flight delay/cancelation 24 hour debacle and with all of the magazines I bought to pass the time my bag weighed a ton. When I got home and unpacked I realized I had four cosmetic bags in my purse–complete over kill.  Continue reading