First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser Review

Ever since it started really feeling like summer my face has been super acting up. I mentioned yesterday about my bachelorette weekend celebration which was spent with a friend of mine who is a skin care expert. I told her my woes which are basically this: I wash my face with cleanser and it feels super tight, so I put on oil, serums, and moisturizers and then my face feels heavy and greasy and gross, so I wash it again and the cycle repeats. After this conversation she recommended switching up my cleanser in favor for something more soothing, gentle and non-stripping.

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Summer Proof Your Hair

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum Review

Since moving back to NYC, my hair has NOT been happy and what I mean by that is that the humidity, frequent rain and heat has lead to lots and lots of frizz and flat hair. I switched shampoos which normally wakes my hair up, but it did little to make my hair come to life. I thought I maybe needed a haircut (I did) but while that did make my hair look awesome, I was still combating frizz and flat lifeless hair. I knew I needed to bring out the big guns aka I needed to start using some kind of anti-frizz defender of good hair.

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Beauty Craves ||| June 2013


This month I am desperately trying not to purchase any new beauty products. For me this is harder than it sounds. Either way, here is my current list of MUST HAVES that will have to wait until July. Enjoy!

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Genius Solution for Summer Weekenders

yaby liquid travel pack review

This genius little kit from Yaby basically solves all of your super quick summer weekending adventures. Each tube is perfectly sized to hold the right amount of product for a weekend adventure without lugging extra stuff. The syringe allows you to fill each tube with your personalized products from skincare to makeup. Its so freakin’ smart, I LOVE it! Bonus is that its TSA friendly and comes with a clear pouch with dividing loops help keep your tubes organized. The clear pouch comes with  6 empty tubes and transfer syringe. Buy it HERE

Face Washing Equipment: The Low Down


In 2007, I was introduced to the Clarisonic by my aesthetician, who at the time despite trying super hard and being one of the best in the city could not clear my skin, suggested I try this device. I used it pretty faithfully for about a year, with really no life changing results. Continue reading

Subscription Box Addiction: Part Two


I love subscription boxes, this is no surprise as I’ve mentioned them a few times on the blog here and here. One of the boxes I get is by Ipsy its very makeup heavy and light on the skincare. You can customize what you get by answering a survey. Continue reading

A Sea of Lies

A Sea of Lies

Every spring magazines seems to scream “Sea Salt Spray!”—claiming this time this bottle of sea salt will magically transform your hair into effortless “beachy waves” a/k/a “I don’t care hair,” or even “French girl hair.” And I fall for it every single time. I have four half empty bottles of the stuff sitting in various drawers in my apartment.  I stopped my search when I haphazardly found Pantene Expert AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment. I was not looking for the perfect undone hair when I picked this up, what I was looking for was a product to thicken my hair and give it a boost, but after some warmer temperatures toward the end of winter I found that when I air dry and spray this all over my head something totally unexpected happens. But first, sea salt sprays and why instead of good hair days they are simply full of it. Continue reading

Late Night Candle Love


My friend Sophia and I, we are like two lentils in a pod. When we are on our way home from going out we often like to take detours to drugstores. Late night drug store trips are one of my MOST FAVORITE activities, I’ve been making these journey’s since high school with my super awesome lady friend Zoe too. Lately, me and Sophia, often have to, simply just have to pick up candles at 4am. These are my top candle picks that I keep on replacing when I burn them down to the core.  Continue reading