Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine Oil Review

I’ve posted about a few speciality oils before, I’ve also mentioned how I think most of them are bullshit and that regular old jojoba oil is where its at. But this particular oil by Caudalie changed my mind about that. 

First, this oil, the Caudalie Divine Oil,  smells insanely perfect– think Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, vanilla, and a little bit of floral. I read about 20 reviews and some of them said that the scent was too overpowering. I disagree, I think its lovely and really makes the use of the oil a true experience. Second, a ton of reviewers said that this oil is just too much for the face– again I disagree. I have extremely acne prone skin and use four drops on my face every night and have not had a problem. Also, I love that you can use it on your hair or on your body too.

I love the way it makes my face feel, super clean, moisturized and smooth and the lingering scent is amazing- since I put it on at night I am convinced it helps me sleep better. Bottom line: my skin just looks better, healthier and more alive. I really hope they make this into a perfume, because that would just be amazing.

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